The One Mistake That's Costing Gyms
100's Of New Members Every Year

What if I told you there is a list of people who are interested in your gym service that you can talk to literally right now? Before spending more money on your next advertising campaign?

This list is easy to find, especially when you have a Facebook page set up for your gym before. 

In this article, I want to show you a big mistake many gyms make and how fixing it with a little known 2-step process can potentially add another 100 new members to your gym every year.

If you have a Facebook business page, this is likely what happens in your gym business:

People visit your fan page and direct message (DM) you on Facebook to ask about your gym membership and fitness program.

This can happen organically or as a result of your paid advertising.

Either way, I am sure you know these people are your valuable leads. Not only do they show interest in your gym service, but they also proactively reach out to you.

There are two outcomes after someone sends you a Facebook message, either this person becomes your new member, or they do not.

Let's be honest, the majority of them will not become your gym clients immediately.

A Big Mistake Most Gym Businesses Make...

According to Marketo research, 96% of people who come to your website aren’t ready to buy (yet).

And this is a problem for most gym businesses.


Because most gym businesses don't follow up.

What this means is...

If you have 100 people come to your Facebook page and DM you...

Only 4 people will join your gym immediately while 96 people will want to consider it.

Now get this...

Research also shows that 80% of these "sitting on the fence" people are going to buy from someone in the next 24 months

(They already showed interest and proactively took action, remember?)

So if you don't follow up and keep your gym brand top of their mind, they are going to join your competitor's gym.

But, if you choose to nurture and educate them, research shows that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than those who buy immediately!

Many Gym Owners Are Struggling in A "Red Ocean"...

Most gym owners are too focused on paid ads to acquire that 4%, which is understandable because they can add instant revenue to their gym when done correctly.

I am all in for running profitable Facebook campaigns to bring in new leads to your business. In fact, it remains one of the top strategies I use to help my local gym clients grow.

However, because more competition results in increasing ad costs, many gym owners try to swim in a Red Ocean and struggle to make their Facebook campaigns work.

Meanwhile, there is a Blue Ocean sitting just inside their Facebook Messenger Inbox, waiting for them to nurture and monetize.


  • More competition
  • Increasing ad costs
  • Cold traffic


  • Overlooked by most gyms 
  • No ad costs upfront
  • Warm traffic

[List = $$$]

The money is in the list. 

Your Facebook Messenger Inbox is where you can build a list fast, and it’s likely that you already have built one over the years.

Take the following 2 steps to start building and nurturing your list!

Step 1: Build Your Facebook Subscribers List

If you haven't used a messenger chatbot for your Facebook page yet, then you really should before running your next promo - especially when you're trying to get a lot of direct messages.

With a chatbot built-in, someone becomes a Facebook subscriber automatically when they send a message to your Facebook page.

See how powerful it is?  

Using chatbot technology, here is how I helped one client to retrieve their Facebook leads in one click:

1174 leads from messenger inbox!

These 1174 subscribers are real people who wanted to transform their body, visited my client's fan page, reached out and had asked about their gym service before.

Without this step my client didn’t even know they had left huge new member opportunities on the table!

What would it mean to your gym business, if you found out you had a list of potential members like this that you can speak to today?

Step 2: Nurture & Monetise Your List

The next step is to start following up with your leads and get them to become your clients.

Instead of sending a message to them one by one...

You can send a broadcast message, or “chat blast”, straight to your subscribers FB messenger inboxes all at once, using a chatbot.

This is very powerful, as MobileMonkey has found that Messenger chat blasts have much higher open rates:

  • Email blasts: 10-15% open rate
  • Top search ad: 7% CTR
  • Facebook Ads: 1-3% CTR
  • Facebook Messenger chat blasts: 70-80% open rate (in the first hour!)

Start with something simple and straightforward like:

Hey Ms. Lead!

Do you still need help to lose weight and get fit?

Your Name/ Gym

Then, continue to nurture them using a combination of useful content and promotion.

The last thing you want is to lose touch with them like last time, so put in some thoughts here to craft an effective follow-up sequence and get them to enter your sales process again.

And the best part is that you can automate most of your sales process using Facebook messenger chatbot. This means you and your staff can spend more time talking to higher quality leads who are most likely to become your clients!

So Now You Learn An Overlooked "Facebook Lead Leverage"... 
Here Are What You Can Do Today:

1. Open your Facebook Messenger Inbox to retrieve and re-connect with your list of potential members.

2. Add a messenger chatbot to your Facebook business page to start collecting more subscribers automatically.

3. Need help implementing these for you? Book a call below to see if we're a good fit.

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