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5 Questions To Answer Before You Create A Landing Page

I see this quite often:

“I'm a private yoga instructor and looking to create a landing page.”

“I'm looking for someone experienced to create a landing page for my company.”

When I ask them, “Great, so you want to create a landing page. Why do you want it? What’s the primary marketing purpose of your landing page?

Most of them just go into silence. Some of them say,

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coaching website lead generation

The Definitive Guide to Coaching Website Lead Generation

Every successful coach is aware that the internet can be a powerful tool to expand and grow their business. Coaching professionals that want to share their expertise, create a bigger impact and get new clients, know that establishing a digital presence is essential.

​This often boils down to building a coaching website where new potential clients can reach and hire you online.

Hold on to that thought if you're thinking, “Hazel, I already have a website and I don’t need another person to tell me that.”

Because my intention is NOT to convince you to build another website.​

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