You Get $100 For Every New Client You Refer to LeapFunnels!

Earn an UNLIMITED number of $100 referral payments!
Recommend my funnel design services and get paid when your referrals become my clients. See how it works below.

Step 1: Review My Portfolio

I want you to feel confident in recommending my services, so first take a look at what I do to learn about my quality of work.

I help personal development coaches and course creators sell more products & services with high-converting, beautiful funnels. 

Click the button below to view some of my recent and favorite custom funnel designs that make my clients more money.

Step 2: Spread The Word

If you know anyone in the self-improvement space, who is looking for a new funnel/ redesign to increase sales & revenue and you think my services are a good fit, simply connect us by sending an intro message via email or Facebook messenger.

And I've made it easy for you to do so! Just click on the button below to copy-and-paste the message in your email or messenger and click send.
Subject Line: {Referral} Meet Hazel

Hey {Referral}, please meet Hazel.

She has built some of our funnels that covert like crazy. Talk to her for whatever you need for your funnels.

Hey Hazel, please meet {Referral}.

I've told him about all the great work you've done for us building our funnels! He's working on a new funnel that I think you could help him with,

I'll let you two take it from here!

- Your name


Step 3: Get Paid in 15 Days

If the person you referred become my client, you will receive US$100 as a thank you. Or better - If you have also hired me to design your funnel before, you will receive US$200 referral payment instead!

You may choose to: 
  • Deduct this amount in your next project with me or
  • Receive it in your PayPal account 15 days after I get paid.
There is NO limit!

However, this offer is good only for new clients and you can't refer yourself. (Sorry!)

Also, I may not be the best fit for every business. Sometimes the person you referred declines to work together, or I may also decline the project for any reason.
Disclaimer: If we determine that you as the referrer are not participating in our program with integrity, we reserve the right to terminate your account and cease referral payments to you at any time for any reason. 
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